Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I hate lil' wayne

I'll be the first to admit I have no idea what makes one hip hop artist any better/worse than the next but for the love of god...people...Lil' Wayne? The only things about this guy that stand out is how repulsive he is. Is it just me or doesn't his persona seem like the crackhead caricature from every black comedy show ever? Tyrone Biggins is a better more eloquent speaker with a less creepy grating voice. I'm sure his teeth or grill or whatever is probably worth more than I'm going to make in my lifetime but they still look worse than a poor British person's. He could be an extra in the back ground singing "consider yourself, at home!" in a production of Oliver easy.
Every song I hear him on they have his voice put through some sort of processor that makes him sound like a robot. I have a little experience being a singer/vocalist and do you know why they end up putting some one's vocals through a processor? Because it sucks, reverb, whatever the fuck they use is there to hide something. And he has an effect on his voice IN EVERY SONG. The best recording my band ever made had a shit ton of effects on my vocals, I'm not ashamed, I'm a horrible singer, I don't have the pipes to do it, I have the balls to do it. so maybe Lil' Shit has the balls to do it. But judging at how he seemingly insists upon playing horrible air guitar all the time in videos, he's not used to handling anything sizable in a phallic sense. I think he's about 4 feet tall too...fuckin christ, we need to demand famous people who actually deserve to be famous.